The Summer of the Bike!

Have you noticed more and more bike lanes in cities? And more and more bikes on the backs of cars this summer heading out on vacation? One thing the pandemic did was it got people outside and moving. We saw a run on bikes, making it near impossible to find new bikes to buy. But now we are seeing the bounce back to normal and bike travel is as popular as ever this summer. It’s fair to say the bike is having a moment.

From easy city riding in NYC and Montreal.

To beach riding in the Outer Banks and Los Angeles.

Islands offer scenic riding and bike ferries such as on Martha’s Vineyard and Mackinac Island.


Montreal boasts bike lanes and bike crossing lights, pubs and cafes along popular bike paths like the Lachine Canal Trail.

After two years of being closed off to the world Canada is as friendly as they ever were, cities are vibrant and alive, the locals and border agents happy to welcome you back. Montreal and Toronto are easy destinations for meetings and retreats in the northeast and boast hip neighborhoods and nightlife to incorporate into your trip.

New York City has barriered bike lanes making city travel on two wheels safe and efficient. But we all know its Central Park where the riding is scenic and at its best. It seems everyone is trying to rent you a bike there these days, but you can always rent a city bike and pick up and drop it off wherever you’d like. So skip the carriage ride next time and hit the bike paths in Central Park instead. We think its the best part of the city.


On the other side of the country, Los Angeles, of course, is home to The Strand, one of the longest and best bike paths in the country. Start out in Venice and ride to the Santa Monica Pier and hit the West Coaster at Pacific Park, one of the best venues for group fun in all of LA, before riding back to Venice to take in the Venice Art Walls and skate park. There are plenty of beautiful hotels along the Strand in Santa Monica, as well, making a good jumping off point for your group.


Mackinac Island is, of course, the ultimate bike destination as it is an island without cars. Horse and carriage, bikes or on foot are your only options here. And we kind of like the bike option! There is an easy 8 mile loop around the island to bike and stop at rugged beaches or bring a picnic lunch along the way.

Renting a bike here is easy as they seem to have the largest inventory of bikes you will ever see, but you can also ferry your own bike there.

It might be the only place you can yell out “passing on your left!” to a horse as you pass. Bringing a group to The Grand Hotel on the island might be the ultimate Michigan experience in summer or fall.

Another favorite of ours, of course, is riding around the low country at Montage Palmetto Bluff, home to one of our Connoisseurs Circle retreats. We know seeing a destination by bike has a much different vantage point than by bus.

It’s a great group activity to get attendees outside, moving, talking, bonding and sharing an experience. Riding in the heart of the South Carolina coast means riding under the Spanish moss and the quaint southern landscape and certainly the perfect reason to end your ride on a southern porch with a glass of sweet tea.

So hurry, before summer comes to an end, and get out there for a ride! Whether it’s a ride thru your own neighborhood or you throw that bike on a bike rack and take it somewhere new to explore, we think it’s the best way to observe your surroundings and walk (or ride) away with special memories from a destination.

It’s the Summer of the Bike!

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